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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fair and Balanced Christianity

Today, Fox announced it is creating a new division, FoxFaith. A branch of the same company that produces Fox News (the only news broadcasters who will be raptured to be with the Lord, I once heard a pastor say from the pulpit) and of course, "Beverly Hills 90210," "Melrose Place," "Married With Children," "The Simple Life," and "Temptation Island" (which those same gushing believers conveniently like to overlook) will now release as many as a dozen films a year specifically for Christian audiences who generally shun cineplexes but may be wooed in after the success of such films as The Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia. Here's hoping it's fair and balanced. Maybe O'Riley, Geraldo and Coulter will get cameos. Amazing what a single, biased, demographic-pandering news network will do for a company's image with sheep with blinders on.


Blogger Justin said...

I was wondering when a network would pick up on the market that TBN and others figured out 20 years ago. You gotta hand it to Rupert Murdoch...

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Daria said...

disgusting...and so depressing that one can hear such comments in the Church

7:02 PM  

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