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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fallen In...

I've fallen in with the good crowd.

Since our first orientation meeting, in which several of us made some introductions and then later, at a wine and cheese reception, fled the stuffy, over-crowded room for the quiet, oxygen-rich environment of the lobby, we pretty much move as one these days. We sit together in class and go out for beers afterwards.

So far, it doesn't sound like anything more than happenstance, I know.

But we seem to be the good kids. We're the ones always speaking up and commenting in class. We're the ones accepting the student government positions. We're the ones gathering in our off hours to start a new film website with our commonality as Tisch Cinema Studies grad students as the driving force behind it.

Somehow or another, we've all fallen in with the good crowd.

This is how great things happen.


Anonymous POD said...

Who knows... this crowd that you have befriended might someday mirror the likes of the famed bunch from the USC crowd from the late 1960's: George Lucas, John Milius, Walter Murch and Caleb Deschanel to name a few...

Your life is in cosmic hands my dearest friend... I look forward to the vicariously experiencing your personal journeys...

6:00 AM  
Anonymous POD said...

Oh and I forgot to also add Mr. Lucas' ex-roomate - Mr. Randal Kleiser...

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Nate said...


11:25 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

"this is how great things happen"

We'll be waiting...:-)

1:15 PM  

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