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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Lot to Talk About IV

OH COME ON! America, you sent Marty--a genuinely talented (if egotistical) filmmaker--home over Kenny!? COOOOOOOOME OOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!

Will’s Glass Eye was cute if far too unevenly paced. Compared to most of what would come after it though, it was positively luminescent.

Blood Born's visuals didn’t fit its story. I bet Jason didn’t intend for the moment the audience laughed out loud. It was a muddled, over-stylized mess.

Lost lacked any sort of cinematic direction. It had decent dialogue, but it was a message film without a clear message. I didn’t think much of Mateen’s first film either. I'm completely unmoved.

Gotta love Carrie Fisher’s comments after my fellow NYU film school alum Jessica’s The Orchard: “That was my least favorite thing next to adolescence and being left by a man for a man. The only thing scary about it was that it could have gone on longer.” Jessica’s film was possibly pretentious but definitely slow and monotonous. (Also, why do so many of these filmmakers feel the need to play around with hyper-styalization just because they now have the sort of equipment that allows them to do so?) For me, Jessica is kinda like Hillary in 2008—we need more women in her position, but she’s not the one.

Can Zach tell a story without effects? Sunshine Girl proves absolutely, yes. His second film was once again, the undisputed crowd and audience favorite. Two for two. Simple and darling, Zach’s film, while not perfect, was still the best of the evening and still shows that he is indubitably the one to beat.

P.S.: I am amazed (and encouraged) how many older, married filmmakers the show chose.


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