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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Lot to Talk About III

Some impressions from On the Lot last night.

Andrew Hunt's film, Polished, about an unappreciated janitor who gets even with his snobby co-workers, was fun if forgettable.

David May's Love at First Shot was nothing to write home about, though I did love some of the geek-boy dialogue.

Shira-Lee’s Beeline was certainly entertaining and enjoyable, even if it didn’t have the zing-factor from her earlier film. You have to say this about her though, she consistently delivers.

Why is Marty Martin the victim of so much loathing? In a show that is all about big-budget, commercial viability, Marty is top notch. Continuing to channel Tony Scott, he’s made films with visual flair, terrific aesthetics and kinetic editing. He has more polish, style, and straight cinematic appeal than almost anyone in the competition, but no one seems to recognize it. Could it be that his bloated ego is getting in the way?

Kenny, utterly oblivious that this isn't an experimental film show made yet another misfire that had me reaching for the fast-forward button. Carrie hit it dead on—go direct music videos where your talents can be appreciated; either narrative filmmaking or the rules of the show utterly elude you.

I can’t believe Trevor was sent home over Hillary. This is the second week in a row in which the obviously inferior candidate was saved from elimination at the expense of a far better artist. Am I watching the same show everyone else is voting on? While Hillary can write, she seems to have no comprehension whatsoever of directing or cinematography.


Anonymous Brian Leu said...

Hello there Brandon.

It's BIG Leu from boot camp and Florida. Wasn't sure how to get a message to you. See if this works.

12:22 AM  

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