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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've been silent in the high definition debate simply because I haven't had the opportunity to properly examine the technology in any sort of meaningful way. Which is to say, I've watched one Superbowl game in HD and that alone represents my exposure.

It's not that I've doubted the pundits--many of them, my friends--when they've gushed about the technology. I just felt it was best to keep out of the debate, confident in their authority and experience on the subject.

And then a friend sent me something that changed everything and now has me chomping at the bit for more. Consider me a convert without having yet watched a single frame of a film. See the truth for yourself here.


Anonymous nate said...

That's depressing. It means I have to rebuy LOTR, and I hadn't planned on it before now.

Henceforth, I'm not buying another regular DVD!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous POD said...

Honestly, since going high-def (I have both blu-ray and hd-dvd console and officially format neutral) I have become totally hooked. After watching a movie in high-def, your natural inclination is to want to see MORE, not less.

The initial feeling that I have experienced since going high-def harkens to something I experienced almost 20 years ago - I recall with such splendid wonder as I attended a theatrical screening of the R.A. Harris restoration of Lawrence Of Arabia in Dallas when I was a teenager. After having only experienced L of A on muddy late night screening as a child, to see the sunrise over the Ariabian desert - the intensity of this moment in my life cannot be overstated - as Steven Spielberg more aptly put it, "it changed my life."

Old movies are what I look forward to the most - I just cannot wait to see a classic like "Gone with the Wind" in high def.

Now then again, we're only talking movies here. I still venture to say that watching a great movie in SD (standard def) vs a crappy movie in HD, doesn't change anything. I would still prefer the former to the latter. But since where I live (Japan) it is more expensive to see first run movies and I HATE dealing with theater audiences on military bases, watching in high-def is a big boost.

And Nate, trust me when I say - once you have an opportunity to buy the LOTR trilogy in HD - you will be DYING to - it is that much worth it... I do agree that "I will never by another regular dvd." if my HD-DVD copy of "Casablaca" (currently in the mail) just get here already?

12:38 PM  

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