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Friday, December 15, 2006


One of the wonderful things about having a DVR is that you can program it to search and find shows you like and record them any time they come on.

While scanning the TV Guide channel a month or so ago, we stumbled upon repeats of the series, Coupling, on the local PBS station. A staple of their Friday night line-up, Coupling also became a staple of our week.

This is, of course, the British version of the show, not the four-episode-and-then-cancelled American version. Having never seen the American version, I can only judge it based on its run which is obviously abysmal.

And I can imagine why.

A show about sex, the British version tackles the subject as any good English comedy would—with nuance, subtext, understatement, irony and innuendo. It's not about what you talk about, it's about what you imply. I am certain the American version attacked the subject with all of the subtly of Dr. Ruth hyped on caffeine and well deserved its axe.

And now, it seems, our Friday night import is gone as well. When it didn't record last week, we chalked it up to a holiday fluke. But when the same thing occurred this week, we knew something was up. A check of the PBS station's website and it's nowhere to be seen.

Dang it. And I was just starting to learn something.


Anonymous nate said...

But did you know that Coupling was a sort-of-import of our Friends*? Eh? Eh?
Which made it all the more bizarre when they tried to make the American version of Coupling because I thought we had ours already.

*remember the girls in England - I feel bad because their names escape me at the moment - they loved Friends. They had all the tapes. I think we watched a couple when we were stuck there by ourselves waiting for our train. We were like, he we are in London (suburbs, anyway) watching Friends on VHS.
Roughing it, we were.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Brandon Fibbs said...

Yes, the Portsmouth girls and their Friends collection... I felt like a bad American that night in their flat, looking over their collection of American comedies that I didn't watch with anything remotely approaching Vicki's religious fervor.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Brendan said...

About 3 years ago, we stumbled upon COUPLING on our local PBS station on a Sat night after coming home from partying.

We fell in love with the show immediately. So much better than any other 20-30 something comedy developed here in the US . Makes FRIENDS look sooooo junior varsity.

Anyway, it was taken away from us by the idiots at PBS as well about a year later.

Thank The Maker – we found it on Netflix. Yes!!!!

1:26 PM  

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