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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How I Met Your Mother-Season One

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How I Met Your Mother is the best show you're not watching.

Don't you think it's time to do something about that deeply troubling character flaw?

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy in reverse. Technically the show takes place in 2030. In the future, Bob Saget narrates to his adolescent children how he came to meet their mother.

Back in the present, Ted (Josh Radner) is an earnest architect with puppy dog charm in search of true romance. Finding "the one" is on his mind because his best friend and roommate Marshall (Jason Segel) has asked his long-time girlfriend and kindergarten teacher Lily (Alison Hannigan) to marry him. Suddenly Ted is a third wheel and very aware of his lack of female companionship. If it weren't for the fact that Ted is interested in a real, meaningful relationship, he'd have more female companionship then he'd know what to do with if he spent more time with over-sexed cad, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). When Ted falls for the lovely TV reporter Robin (Cobie Smulders), he begins to wonder if he hasn't met the future Mrs. Ted.

Is she? You don't think the show would give that away in the first season, do you?

Follow the tribe as Ted and Barney are arrested as suspected terrorists, Robin allows Barney to bribe her into saying all sorts of naughty things on the air, Marshall and Lily are attacked by an indestructible cockamouse, Ted falls for a woman that he meets at a friend's wedding, Barney's past is revealed to be far more granola than anyone could have imagined, Marshall and Ted duel for their apartment with broad swords, Ted awakens to find a mysterious woman--and a pineapple--in his bed, and Lily and Marshal break up.

Neil Patrick Harris, whom no one could have imagined in a role like this, is the surprise breakout star of the show who obliterates all remnants of his Doogie Howser persona as a delightful scoundrel, womanizer, and perpetual bachelor extraordinaire whom he describes as part David Spade, part David Letterman and part Regis Philbin. That Harris has recently come out of the closest makes his role all the more impressive.

How I Met Your Mother is romantic and charming, blessed with a large heart and a heaping dose of sincerity. The writing is sharp and fast-paced, the perfect blend of brevity and whimsy. It's also ridiculously funny.

To read the full review, click here.


Anonymous nate said...

Doogie is gay?!? What about Wanda??

11:11 AM  

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