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Friday, October 13, 2006

Roger Ebert's Road to Recovery

"For 40 years, I didn't miss a single deadline, but since July, I have missed every one. I also, to my intense disappointment, missed the Telluride and Toronto film festivals. Having just written my first review since June ("The Queen"), I think an update is in order.

Faithful readers and viewers will recall that I expected a speedy recovery from surgery for salivary cancer last June. My expert (and now beloved) doctors had an encouraging game plan, and I expected to be back at work right away. Then I had several episodes of sudden and serious bleeding..."

To read the rest of Ebert's troubling (and very encouraging) update on his condition, as well as when he plans on returning to work full-time, click here.


Anonymous nate said...

One of my favorite human beings EVAR.

10:47 AM  

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