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Monday, July 03, 2006

Overwhelmed by Underworld

I know, I know, the title of this blog is indeed "The Film Snob" which would seem to indicate that movies such as The Apu Trilogy or The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie should occupy the bulk of my posts. And I suppose, by and large, they do and will.

However, once and a while you’ll have to allow me a guilty pleasure.

I have these from time to time... Films that aren’t going to garner any awards from anyone (least of all myself) but nonetheless give me smiles and a wonderful sense of fun when the closing credits begin to roll.

The Underworld films (Underworld and Underworld: Evolution) are such examples. (Good luck getting me to admit to the others here!)

The first of the two is the more superior, but both operate as monster movies for the new century. Though their heart may be the same as their mid-20th century predecessors, their packaging is certainly the product of everything Hollywood’s high-tech wizards can throw at the screen. The result is stylish, gothic, uber-violent, pornographically gory, and oh-so loud. And let us not forget Kate Beckinsale in black leather. The in-your-face sort of mayhem that a movie about vampires in a war against werwolves creates makes for an undeniably entertaining experience.

The Underworlds and movies like them (the one’s that work anyway) are the cinematic equivalent of Chinese food. While you’re eating, they’re delicious and filling. Just so long as you realize that you’ll be hungry again for something a lot more substantial as soon as you get up. But we all need a sweet treat now and then, don’t we?


Anonymous nate said...

I had a whole lucid point to make, about "guilty pleasures," and their possible nonexistence, the idea being that pleasure is pleasure, quality is quality, though hitting from different angles, and that if we respond to a story then we are responding to something of quality in that story...I had a point, and I've had this discussion before, but I've forgotten it now. Mmmmmm....Chinese food.

12:24 PM  

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