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Friday, June 23, 2006


They've done it again.

Cars is the latest in a long line of utterly delightful films. One of these days, the magicians at Pixar will make a bad movie--or even a mediocre one--but it hasn't happened yet. Seven for seven and that's not even counting their slew of Oscar-winning shorts.

There is nothing quite like a Pixar film. Pixar's computer animation is to the new century what Disney's traditional animation was to the last—the high watermark for which all others must strive and have, so far, never come close to reaching. By blending uproarious comedy with dazzling technical astonishments, they have found the winning combination for unprecedented success.

Pixar gems have more heart and genuine emotional appeal than anything else out there. Why else would adults be scrambling to the theaters just as fast as their tiny counterparts? You simply can't help but leave the theater with a huge smile on your face.

Cars is no exception.


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