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Friday, May 26, 2006

"Blade Runner: Final Cut"

At long last, Warner Home Video announced today that it will be releasing a final director's cut of the SciFi masterpiece, Blade Runner in early 2007 (at which time there will also be a 25th anniversary theatrical re-release).

The classic film has a troubled history. When director Ridley Scott ran over budget, the studio took control of the film and made substantive alterations, among them the addition of a voice-over and a happy ending. In 1992, Scott issued a director's cut that excised many of the egregious changes but was still unable to fulfill his original vision due to time and money constraints. (Generally, I am very much against altering films that have already seen the inside of a theater--do you hear me George Lucas, you hack!?--but feel differently when the director's original vision was lost due to outside tampering).

The special edition DVD will contain all of the three previous versions, including the expanded international theatrical cut. Additionally, the set will also contain the much-anticipated bonus materials. Ridley Scott, through his exclusive DVD producer, Charles de Lauzirika, has become known as the "Father of the Director's Cut." His DVDs are known for their rich and substantive special features. Hopefully, this new release will satisfy once and for all. I had the pleasure of speaking with de Lauzirika not long ago in an interview for DVDFanatic, during which time we discussed the delinquent film:

de Lauzirika: Blade Runner is still my favorite film. That’s the one that knocked me on my ass when I was a kid. I’ve never told Ridley that and I don’t know if I ever will. I want to keep that sort of a distance in a way, you know? Well, I have to ask, since you brought it up…

de Lauzirika: No! Don’t ask that question—I know where you’re going! You’ve done all these films for Ridley…where’s the Blade Runner: Special Edition?!

de Lauzirika: I knew that was coming! I’m with you. That’s my favorite Ridley Scott film.

de Lauzirika: You know, right now I’m in fingers-crossed mode, hoping it’s going to happen. We’ll see. When or if it happens, I want that to be the one I retire with…


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