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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Lot to Talk About XI

Zach is gone. Like Will, I thought he had it all sown up. Wow America, the last time you were this near-sighted you voted Melinda Dolittle off American Idol. The good news is that, like Melinda, Zach’s future is probably already set, despite losing the show.

So, after getting through all the obnoxious filler last night, we had only four films to watch.

Will’s Yes Men was outlandish and clever, with a great, old-fashioned look and a suave, beautifully lit style. My favorite of the night. In fact, as I was saying last week, with Zach gone, I’d love to see Will win this thing.

Sam’s Dress for Success was a funny take on the whole torture porn thing. Though the blended genre worked better than the judges gave it credit for, it certainly had its faults, not the least of which was pacing. I think Sam is gone.

Adam’s Army Guy looked the worst and may have had the best reveal at the end, but getting there was painful. Despite it’s admittedly Fellini-esque moments, I didn’t like it as much as the judges. For me, Adam has been mostly forgettable all season long.

Jason’s Oh Boy — interesting that another film about a man in a dress is explained by way of torture — looked great, moved great, had a nice stunt, and was shot well. Jason’s films, more than anyone else’s, look the most technically proficient. I very much enjoy and appreciate Jason’s gentleness, whimsy and kindness and was very happy to see the judges point that out last night.

I see this coming down to Will and Jason. After all, “there can be only one.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hm, I really HATE Jason on the show. His films always seem immature with weak endings. I agree that Will's was the best. All the judges hype about Adam's movie was bewildering but I've literally seen a VERY similar scenario in two Twilight Zone episodes one of which was based on an older play by Pirandello "Six (or Five) characters in search of a play" It wasn't the GI Joe - Barbie dynamic exactly, but the general idea has been done before. Halfway through the movie I knew the twist so I'm not sure how original it was.

Also, is it just me or are Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall crazy, incoherent ramblers 90% of the time?

9:34 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

You can't help coming away from any given episode with two prevailing ideas—Carrie and Garry are nuts and Adrianna is haaaaawt (forgive me an odd, out of character, misogynistic moment)!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I think Sam is gone. Out of the 4 films his seemed, to the novices sitting on my couch, lacking in what the directors are looking for. And since we don't know much I'll give you the average movie-goer review of Adam's debatable film. It was odd, honestly we didn't see the twist coming, and when the twist was revealed we liked it much better than just what it was prior. Our family liked Will's, of course. And truthfully our family likes Adam, we have from the get go! But I do see this coming down to Will and Jason.
Brandon! I love hearing you step out of character for a moment to reveal such thoughts about Adrianna! You crack me up!

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post inspired me to write an entire blog entry on the craziness of the On the Lot judges and Adrianna's "hawwtness" :)

8:22 AM  
Anonymous nate said...

I think to be considered misogynistic, mere appreciation for a woman's beauty - even when done with (mock) adolescent enthusiasm ("hawt!") - must be coupled with something else entirely, like disregard for them as a human being... or just punching them in the face.
I think you're okay.

12:26 PM  

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