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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Lot to Talk About VI

Little late on this one. Sorry, I've been on vacation...

No real standouts this episode, though no real crash-and-burns either.

Kenny's The Malibu Myth was indeed his "most accessible" film, even if he made the mistake of confusing gore with horror. "Compared to your other stuff, this was Gone with the Wind," he was told. Indeed.

Sam's Ankle Biters was ambitious if slow. The prologue was unnecessary, trying to confuse a b-film with something richer and deeper.

Andrew's Midnight Snack was my favorite. I like that he didn’t follow the letter of the law, adding humor into a mix of Japanese horror and Pan’s Labyrinth-esque monsters.

Jason's Eternal Waters was cutesy and clichéd, also bucking the straight horror line for something approaching a Shyamalan reveal. Didn’t do anything for me.

Shera-Lee's Open House had mood but was all set up with little to no conclusion. My least favorite of her films thus far.

Mateen's Profile had a conscience but did it fit the bill at all? Maybe to Roth and his “maimed tourists” genre, but I still question its horror roots. Still, it’s the best he's done yet.


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