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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Lot to Talk About V

Thoughts on tonight’s On The Lot.

Jessica deserved to go, NYU classmate or not. She offered nothing and won’t be missed.

Despite being yanked out of her comfort zone, Shalini did a good job with Doctor in Law. It had a beginning, and a middle and no true end, but it still left a good taste in my mouth.

Adam's Discovering the Wheels was somewhat creative and certainly ambitious but it was also...pointless. What was it about, exactly? A Ford commercial? Hmmmm…

Will’s Nerve Endings was macabre and yet still "adorable" — quite funny with a great ending.

Hilary’s sperm bank robbery film, Under the Gun was, dare I say it, actually funny and inventive. After her earlier stuff, I didn’t think she had it in her. (Thankfully she added plenty of wide and medium shots instead of her usual claustrophobia.) I was pleasantly surprised even if it did go awry at the end.

David's How to Have a Girl was just ok. Nice premise, but it lacked something in the execution.

Zach's Die Hardly Working was delicious and smile inducing — as all his film are. Jenni didn't hurt either. It was the anti-effects short, and he continues to nail it week after week. If I was one of the other contestants, I’d be tempted to just throw in the towel now. Watch his latest film here.

Either Adam or David will be going home next week. But what do I know? Each week the worst offenders seem to hang around. I guess that helps Zach shine all the brighter each week.

P.S.: What is it with Gary's new literary quote every week?!


Anonymous nate said...

die hardly working was fantastic. if there are shorts like that every week then I'm missing out.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Zach's always are. A few others. Certianly not all. You can watch them all at

8:21 AM  

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